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To educate the whole child by building character, enriching knowledge and providing opportunities, Ivyhill Academy’s comprehensive and innovative curriculum is specially designed to develop the total child with a healthy self-concept and a positive attitude towards learning. Literacy is an important aspect of the curriculum. It spans through creative writing, grammer, comprehension, spelling and handwriting. All these have been well put together to develop the children’s vocabulary so as to enhance their power of expression through fluent reading, comprehension and writing environment.

Our Goals

We believe that every child has a potential to develop into the best he/she can be. A supportive and challenging learning environment together with a rich and comprehensive curriculum provides quality early experiences. This will have a prevailing impact on the child’s growth, development and learning.


Our unique and purpose built facilities include various extra-curricular activities to encourage mental and emotional growth, develop talents and provide a healthy outlet to relieve stress.

  1. Bright, colorful and stimulating classroom.
  2. Very spacious and cozy rooms.
  3. Full air conditioning.
  4. Well equipped and stocked with modern pre-school equipment including television and DVD players.
  5. Sick bay.
  6. Truck loads of toys.
  7. Indoor play areas.
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